About Us

About IdHAIR

 IdHAIR was founded in 1986 and has grown rapidly and has become a reputable, dynamic and foresighted company.

Following the amazing success of IdHAIR, there was potential for growing and expanding. It started at the acquisition of a production company in Sweden, which combined IdHAIR's industry knowledge as well as the factory's development and production knowledge.


The expansion continued with acquisitions in Finland, Great Britain, and Norway, and this resulted in new, fantastic brands in the portfolio. In the meantime, exports also increased and today IdHAIR operates in more than 30 different countries. However, IdHAIR operates only in Denmark and is traded through a professional distributor network abroad, thus the foreign departments are sold again.

IdHAIR employs 50 people in Denmark and, in 2011, has built a new headquarters, consisting of warehouse, administration and Northern Europe's most modern course facilities.

Today, IdHAIR's portfolio includes many different IdHAIR products for the hairdresser: Hair Paint and Hair Paint Free, which are professional hair dyes. IdHAIR Elements, which are care and styling products. Color Bomb, which is color cure. IdHAIR Me, which are styling products. And finally, of course, are the famous waxes.

IdHAIR's goal is to offer the best hair color in the market, as well as hair care products for the hairdressers. In addition, helping the hairdressers offer quality service and products to their customers.

Founder of IdHAIR Company A / S, Preben Munch says:

"IdHAIR has focused on guiding and servicing the hairdressers in the best possible way in the last 25 years. We aim to continue on this road for the next 25 years, by listening to the wishes and needs of the hairdressers. By this we will continue to be able to offer the best products in the market."

Preben Munch is very focused on his business as well as industry and his primary goal is to be the best company in two ways: The best partner for the hairdresser and their customers, as well as being the best place for IdHAIR employees.


IdHAIR North America

We began distribution in the United States in June, 2015. IdHAIR North America owner, Rod Sickler, is one of the most accomplished professionals within the beauty industry. His dedication and commitment to Art, Service and Passion is infectious. He believes that perfecting your knowledge is a never ending quest. In an ever changing industry, Education is vital to staying on top of your game. This is why we not only provide products to our stylists, but Education as well. 

We believe in creating a partnership between IdHAIR North America and the stylists. We are here to help you grow, to learn your struggles and help you through them, and to provide you with the best education, service and products that we have to offer.