Scalp Probelms? Problem Solved

Scalp Probelms? Problem Solved

Mrs. Yoshiko Hegmann

Feb 20, 2018

Almost everyone has tried it. Itchy scalp and maybe even dry on the shoulders. It's not very fun and can ruin yourself the best mood. The reasons can be many, but the solution is simple. IdHAIR Solutions takes care of it in a mild but efficient manner .

The series is based on ingredients, which research and practical experience have shown, are super effective against imbalance in the scalp. And then we are not afraid to say that they are the most beautiful problem solvers on the market. Our goal was to make user-friendly packaging that provides easy dossier, easy identification of the product and, not least, that it looks good.

Before the stylish bottles form Ingredients such as Climbazole, Piroctone Olamine, Heliosolanum and Salic Acid provide a very good foundation for a healthy and well-balanced scalp. The products clean up, nurture and not least strengthen the scalp.

Also for everyday use

IdHAIR Solutions also includes products that can be used even if you do not have a scalp problem. Then you'll just get a really good shampoo and conditioner. And all products in IdHAIR Solutions are without added perfume and parabens.

We guarantee that the products work

It's not just something we say. We know that the products work and therefore we also provide a solution guarantee. This means that if the scalp problem is not remedied after 6-8 weeks when the hairdresser's product instructions are followed, the money will return.

There is absolutely no reason to go with a "scalp" scalp. Hurry up to your hairdresser.