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IdHAIR has 2 complete color lines. Hair Paint OCC has state of art technology with an Organic Care Complex designed for semi, demi, and permanent color all in one tube and Hair Paint Free. Hair Paint Free is ammonia, ppd, and resorcinol free. Both Hair Colour lines have a revolutionary care system that protects and provides care during the hair coloring process.

Niophlex is a versatile hair strengthening system for treatment and chemical use. It combines products for use in the salon in
combination with the professional hairdresser’s skills, but also products for home use, to extend the effect of Niophlex.

IdHAIR Black Magic is for those who are looking for a perm system that delivers perfect results every time. It also provides a healthier
option for you and your customer compared to more traditional perm systems. IdHAIR Black Magic is gentle on hair and scalp and
has a pleasant fragrance.

Gloss: Easy to use demi-permanent color system, that with up to 20 minutes of processing time enables quick color results.

Colour Lock: Colour maintaining products that supports a longer lasting colour result in the hair.

VioCool: Easy to use drops for the removal of brassy tones in the hair.